Think Eternity Ministries 


About Them

Think Eternity is a 501c3 non profit corporation established by Matt and Michelle Brown.  It has existed as an organization since 2005, while being recognized by the United States government as a non profit corporation in 2009.

Think Eternity exists to share the Good News of Jesus around the world in our generation and to teach Christians everywhere to do the same.

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Matt & Michelle Brown are co-founders and directors of Think Eternity, an evangelistic and mission based Non Profit organization.  Matt is the author of the newly released Revolutionaries: Men and Women in Every Century Who Advanced Christianity and they are widely read bloggers. Their speaking ministry as international evangelists takes them regularly to the ends of the earth with thousands of people who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ through their ministry.  They currently reside and base their ministry out of Minneapolis, MN.

Their Website Features

It was important for Thinke to communicate their ministry, build relationship, and stay connected with their core audience.  From the rotating banner with their three key focuses to the navigation layout, Thinke was designed to build connections online.  To accomplish this we used the following website features


Rotators help communicate your core message by combining visual and content communication.  It is a great way to spotlight specific areas of your organization.  


HTML Pages give you the ability to create and edit normal web pages.  These pages allow you to enter content, pictures, videos, and links. 

Journal - Blog

Journal allows you to create a blog within your website.  From your blog people can leave comments, search your topics, and reference any resources you have uploaded or are linked to. 

Journal Index

Journal Index allows you to index your blog pages.  This menu will represent an archived view of a particular Blog. 


Links allow you to generate a page with your favorite links.  These links are very useful with Search Engine Optimization and quick access to other resources recommended by your church.  

Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery gives you the ability to upload and manage a beautiful photo gallery.  This page allows you to label and describe any photo you upload to the website. 

Change Tracker

Change Tracker is a tool which informs your users of any changes made to the website.  This is a great current events option for your home page. 

Single Link

Single Link allows you to create direct page links to your navigation.  This feature allows a quick way to add subpages to your navigation.  

Syndicate RSS

Syndicate RSS presents your RSS feeds so users can subscribe to specific pages.  Any updates made on the specified page will be sent to the users subscription manager or email.  

Login Prompt

Login Prompt allows you to place a login page were users can sign in.  The different permissions given to users will allow them to see hidden pages.  This also allows you to assign website administrators.  

Email Signup

This is a third party plugin through iContact, allowing them to build their emil list from their website.