Why we use Squarespace V7
to build 70% of our websites.

We build around 70% of our websites using Squarespace V6 because of it's power and flexibility. Here are some of the reasons why we love using Squarespace for our clients. 

Reason #1
It's easy to create
Pages, Galleries, and Blogs


The Squarespace V6 content management system allows you to build new pages, galleries, and blogs with a click of the mouse. This allows your website to grow along side your church. 

Reason #2
Layout-Engine makes
building pages easy

Squarespace V6 has created a revolutionary LayoutEngine technology that gives you the freedom to create visually rich pages with any configuration of text, images, or blocks by dragging items where you want them.  See the full list of options for page building. 


Reason #3
Intelligent Connections to 
services you love



Automatically pull in your latest Twitter stream and Instagram photos for a beautiful display on your site.


Take any page or gallery from your site and seamlessly publish it on your Facebook Page.


Let your blog automatically tweet for you whenever you post something new.

Reason #4
Real-Time Statistics built right in


Reason #5 
Their award winning support 

Over the years we have been very impressed with Squarespace's hosting and CMS support. This has allowed us to focus on the design and user experience while they take care of the technical support.