Nathan Grams - Missionary

About Nathan

Born in Menomonie, Wisconsin, to Rocky and Sherry Grams while they were pastoring there, Nathan moved to Argentina with his family by the time he was two. After graduating from High School he studied at Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata, where he obtained his B.A. in theology. He then studied at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and completed his Masters in Arts before entering full time ministry.

The Vision

God has called them to serve His church in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have a passion for equipping followers of Christ and teaching them to cultivate compassion for those who are still far from Him, with the understanding that faith is best lived out in community and service.

The Mission

They will be serving under the leadership of seasoned missionaries Don and Melba Exley at a church they planted in a northern suburb of Buenos Aires. Centro Familiar Cristiano is a thriving congregation that has grown to over one thousand in weekend attendance with only a handful of people on staff. They will join and complement the efforts of the existing team at this exciting time of growth.

Nathan's Website Features

In order for Nathan to accomplish the vision as a missionary to Argentina, he needs the support of his community.  His website was a part of getting the support needed to accomplish this.  We did this through three key areas; sharing the vision, providing opportunity to partner, and creating channels to stay connected.  This was done through the following website features


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Journal - Blog

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Journal Index

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Change Tracker 

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Login Prompt

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Email Signup

This is a third party plugin through iContact, allowing them to build their emil list from their website.  


Videos for Nathan's site are hosted on Vimeo and embedded into his site. This is an easy way to connect with your audience using third party solutions.