Your website represents your church online. It reflects the beauty of your buildings; the passion of your members; and the traditions of your church. Our design team, having backgrounds rooted in the church, is committed to ministry.  We value what you value. Each of our websites reflects the beauty, the passions, and the traditions of your church online and is designed with your church in mind.   



Website Features 

Since 70% of our websites are built on Squarespace V7 you will receive access to all of their powerful features.  For  websites requiring more flexibility we custom build  with Wordpress or Drupal.

Our Process


The life cycle for creating your website has six phases; Discovery, Wireframe, Design, Development, Refine, and Launch.  Each step is crucial in developing a website that communicates your core messages and functions appropriately with your technical needs.  The progression of this lifecycle allows for the details to be properly defined and implemented, ensuring an accurate, relevant, and effective website. The Website Process creates a clear picture of what your new website needs.

Communicating Your Church/Organization

When someone is looking for a church in your area, what will they find online?  Many people use the Internet to research their church options before attending your liturgies.  Your first impression is very important, so make it a good one.  Our designs capture the beauty of your church and communicate it online.  

We take pride in the designs we give our clients.  Each website is carefully developed with your mission and core values in mind.  By incorporating the styles and colors that brand your church, we aim to communicate the beauty of your facilities along with the mission and vision of your ministries.