Squarespace on the iPad

One of the reasons we love using Squarespace when developing websites is their dedication to intuitive design.  The love to hang at the intersection of beauty and functionality.  Squarespace has brought these same core passions to the iPad.  This is just another reason why Squarespace is quickly becoming the CMS of choice for churches and organizations looking for a powerful, easy to use website platform. 

Managing your Church website from you iPad

The interface on the iPad app is gorgeous first off.  Squarespace has put the most important functions for updating your blog into the application.  It allows for the following functionality (Squarespace's official list).

  • Post and manage your site's content 
  • Edit content in multiple modes including Text, Markdown, Textile, and Raw HTML 
  • Post photos 
  • Reply to & delete comments, email comment authors, mark comments as spam, 
  • Batch comment management 
  • Approve new comments 
  • Receive a push notification for new comments & comments awaiting moderation (coming soon) 
  • See a live preview of your site and posts 
  • Manage multiple Squarespace sites 
  • View robust site stats on the go 

It is the perfect app for on the go pastors who travel or work out of coffee shops.  The Squarespace application allows your website to become more accessible than ever.   If you want to give it a try go the iTunes store and take it for a spin (for free).

There are not many website platforms bringing this much leadership to the market when it comes to support programs.  It is this culture of Squarespace that helps guarantee the future of your church website being intuitive and easy to use, and that is rare to come by these days.  We give this this iPad app three thumbs up. 

If you are looking to build your website on Squarespace and don't know were to start drop us a line.  

Thanks for the Mention Squarespace! Much Love!

We at Sheepish Design wanted to thank Squarespace for featuring our new website design on their site.  THE LINK.  We absolutely love Squarespace and what it offers all our clients.  We chose it as our primary Content Management System because of its intuitive backend, powerful platform, great SEO, security and amazing support from their team over at Squarespace.  We also love how the platform allows for creative freedom with site structure and design.  If you haven't checked out the features on Squarespace take some time and do so!  Thanks again so much Squarespace!  Much Love!

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