SUM Bible College Website Launch

 The School of Urban Ministry (SUM) Website:

We recently launched a phase one website project for the School of Urban Ministry in Oakland, California.  SUM is an accredited Bible College, with almost twenty co-hort campuses.  We were excited to give the website a brand new look. 

SUM Website Features:

We are really excited about the interactive map that we were able to intergrate on the front page of the SUM website.  We are excited for the easy access UI that this gives for SUM's several cohorts. 

We also implimented a standard schooling banner for SUM.

CMS Platform

The SUM website is built on the Squarespace CMS platform. We love Squarespace.

Shoreline Church Website Launch

Shoreline Church Wesbite

We had the opputunity of working with a church plant in Palm Beach Garderns, FL called Shoreline Church.  In contacting us, Shoreline Church, wanted to create a simple page that would convey the vision of their church pre-lauch.  As you can see, the design of this website is a-typical of other designs we have taken on in the past.  Since the needs of Shoreline were different, we wanted to approach design differently. 

Shoreline Church Website Features

Floating Navigation Bar: Since the design of this page is one page, vertical design we needed to think of a creative way to navigate this website.  This floating navigation bar, was the solution we chose.  When scrolling on the Shoreline Church Website, the floating navigation bar will follow your web cursor.  When you click on the navigation links, you will be automatically taken to the top of the corresponding category.

Custom Pay-Pal Buttons: We decided to make pay-pal look better by creating custom button. Very simple, but it changes the dynamic of the Partner section of this website.

Custom Connection Platform: We created a multi-layer connection platform for this website, which allows all of the social connection platforms to be integrated.  Sections include: Facebook & Twitter feeds, Mail Chimp Sign-up form, and Blog RSS feed. 

Shoreline Church Website CMS

The Shoreline Church Website uses the Squarespace CMS

Project Awaken Website Launch

About The Website

Project Awaken is an online church which connects their community through blogs, forums and videos.  The spiritual themes and conversations discussed online turn into action projects in Minneapolis. The church website was designed to communicate a clean and open message.   

Darrell Vesterfelt
Director of Development

Bio - I am on a quest for truth.  If  nothing in my life is accomplished outside of truth seeking, I will deem my life successful.  Jesus Christ is my ultimate truth and Project Awaken is my ultimate expression of the truth that I am finding.  Outside of work, I love the urban lifestyle I lead in Minneapolis.  Frequently partaking in activities at the Source Boiler Room in Minneapolis, my life revolves around the community.


Paul Kelly 
Director of Community

Bio - I am a small town soul in love with city life. Some people say I am laid back. My wife says those people don’t really know me.  My wife and I have a passion to create a home for people to come in and feel the hospitality and Love of Christ. I love biking. I love coffee. I love my rocking chair in my porch. This is a taste of who I am. 


About Project Awaken

Project Awaken began growing in the heart of its founders early in 2008. Conversations between Paul and Darrell became the origins of the original Project Awaken blog, which led a quiet life until October 2009, when both Paul and Darrell began feeling God calling them to take their message to a wider audience.

They seek the awakening of their generation. They seek to wake them to Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection. They find inspiration in the story of Samuel - a young man who did not know the Lord because the word of the Lord had not been revealed to him. When he hears the voice, though, he wakes up and changes a nation forever.

The More Conference 2011 Website

The More Conference 2011

Sheepish Design finished up another Conference Website Design.  We worked with International Ministerial Fellowship to redesign and launch The More Conference 2011 website.  The conference will be an amazing time for IMF to gather and celebrate.  This website design is focused on communicating the event guest speakers like Jeff Deyo and Dr. Mark Rutland.  We are excited for the direction of this website design and all it communicates! 

David Horsager's Website Launch

We are excited to launch David Horsager's new website.  Together with their team we have developed a website that communicates the core message of Trust.  David Horsager is a author, speaker and consultant for companies that range from Wellsfargo to Medtronic.  He brings the positive message of trust through his book "The Trust Edge" and keynotes on "The Eight Pillars of Trust."  


Why The Trust Edge Video 

We also developed the video "Why Trust" for him to communicate the core message of trust.  This video builds the case for the book, workbooks, consulting and keynote speaking.  

The website leverages Jquery in some fun ways as well.  We created the secondary page with a drop-down feature which highlights his core offerings.  It was very fun to work with David Horsager and his team on their new website, social media strategy and website video. 


David Horsager's Landing Page


David Horsager's Secondary Page


David Horsager's Online Store