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Three Keys to Writing Church Blog Posts for Church Websites

3 Keys for Writing Great Blogs for Church WebsitesBlogs are a great way to connect with the younger generations to your church website.  It is also a powerful way to build your presence online with search engines like google, bing and yahoo

When writing a blog for your church or organizations website it is important to write with the audience, keywords and resources.  Your audience will determine your tone and coverage of content.  The keywords will guide your blogs along the desired search ability you set. Your resources (outbound links) will help your users dig deeper into your topics and reaffirm your topic relevance to the search engines. 

"When it comes to blog reading, online men and women are equally as likely to have browsed the blogosphere. Again, those ages 18-29 are much more likely to have read blogs than their elders: 36% of online younger adults have read blogs compared to 18% of those who use the internet and are 50 and older." -Pew Research

The most important thing to remember is to stay continent.  This takes work but will help your church website in the end.