The Age of Relevancy

The Situation: The church website market, like anything else in the online realm, is constantly changing. The traditional model forchurch websites is still being used by churches today, but the fact is, this model is outdated and often is not the right fit for ministries.

The Traditional Model: Right now churches simply shell out a large lump sum of money and receive a custom website. A high level of importance is placed on the initial website build, but after this, the websites often don’t receive the frequent updates and care they need to be effective. With time, this can lead to a drop in relevancy for the site. This, in turn, results in a website that does not connect with its target audience so it needs to be completely replaced with a new and revamped website. Simply stated, many Churches spend a lot of money on websites that do not sufficiently meet their communication needs over time. 

The Solution: Through ongoing maintenance and design, a church website can be kept timely and fresh. Emphasizing an ongoing relationship, a day to day, month to month partnership, BlendFive provides a solution that empowers ministries. It’s important to realize that a constant decline of quality and relevance can easily be avoided. 

Rather than spending thousands of dollars up front, that money is spent over time to ensure your ministry is constantly getting the most out of its website. This means that every month, the website acknowledges the changes of your ministries, with a proactive approach to stay relevant. Failure to reflect these changes on your website can greatly reduce the quality of your online presence. Issues do not compound because they are addressed as they arise; this also avoids the need to completely overhaul a website. This not only leads to a superior website build, but it also increases the value of each dollar spent. 

Church websites should not be handed off with a simple transaction. Ministries need a solution that is ongoing and structured around relationships.