Directional Digital Strategy: Using your Church Website to Meet Long-term Goals

Long-term communication goals. Despite the importance of having these goals, many ministries fail to establish them. There is often a lack of recognition that long-term goals don’t mean sitting back complacently and waiting to take action in the future. 

Reaching long-term ministry goals starts now. So, it’s a leader’s job to determine which people and tactics to use so goals are achieved. Development of a strategy and its consolidation on a ministry website provides leaders a great place to start pursuing communication goals. 

A quality ministry website is immediate, relevant, dynamic and ongoing. 

Immediate- Once a website change is made, people that visit the website will immediately see the change. The speed with which updates can be made, and the number of people that can quickly view the updates sets websites apart from many other channels of communication. 

Relevant- Since updates and changes can be made so quickly on a website, they have the ability to reach a high level of relevancy. A website’s changes can coincide with any changes that are occurring in the ministry. This will allow the site to connect with users. 

Dynamic- There are many technological features online now that allow a website to be exciting for users. For one, several media can be incorporated on a website. This offers ministry members alternative ways to receive information other than the traditional method of simply reading information. In addition, websites are often interactive which helps ministry members build a sense of community through online conversation. 

Ongoing- Once a website is up, it stays up. People are always able to visit it and find out information. While updates may be made to the site, the site can still be viewed.  This means communicating with a website greatly minimizes lapses in the communication process. People can access the site whenever they want. With verbal communication, both parties are limited to a time when they are both available. No such restrictions exist with a website. 

For these reasons, websites are valuable in reaching long-term communication goals. Any communication tool is important, but a website stands above the rest for the reasons listed. If constructed and maintained properly, they can immediately and effectively connect with the target audience.  

With an effective website, Churches can further enhance their ministries and reach their goals online. This begins by finding an effective solution.