Connecting Digitally: A Restructured Website Solution for Churches

Frequently, ministries are not optimizing their websites. As a result, Church websites are often in need of help, upkeep, etc. The benefit gained from having the website is diminished when this is the case. 

Many Churches are still following the traditional model of the church website market.

The Traditional Model: Right now, Church websites are often done on a transactional basis. In other words, Churches spend a lot of money to receive a website. Design companies simply build the Church a site and hand it over. With time, this leads to an issue of relevancy; in many ways its like bailing out a sinking ship. There’s a cyclical process and a dwindling of relevancy. This ultimately results in a website that is incapable of connecting with the target audience in a meaningful way and has to be scrapped completely and replaced with a new one. The process then starts over. In short, churches are investing a lot of money on websites that have a shelf life in regards to relevancy. 

The new model for Church websites addresses these glaring issues and sets churches up for greater communication success online.  

The New Model: After their construction, websites need to be constantly maintained because not only is the online realm always changing, but ministries are always changing as well. Due to these changes, websites need to be tweaked frequently so that they are kept timely and relevant. This will avoid a drop in effectiveness over time, and ensure the website is constantly fresh. This new model of Church websites features continuous service that can maintain a high level of relevancy on church websites. Rather than totally redesigning a website once it is ineffective, the new model features a proactive approach that updates websites before there is a drop in relevancy. The key to this is the idea that a website unlike the old model, is not a simple transaction; it’s a relationship. Websites should not be constructed and pawned off to Ministries. An agency should build the site and then provide the Church with assistance for the entire life of the website. This is a great way to enhance a Church’s online presence.      

Each Church has its own specific needs, passions and pursuits. Because of this, how you structure your website is extremely important. Remember, relevancy is becoming more and more important, especially in this new age. 

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