Church Websites: The Importance of a Certification Program

“Best efforts will not substitute for knowledge.”

 W. Edwards Deming

To put it frankly, Churches are struggling in regards to communications; this includes their websites. This certainly does not have to be the case though. There are several measures that Churches can take that will have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of their websites. 

A good Church website needs to be maintained and updated frequently. Herein lies the first opportunity for churches to improve their websites.

Someone has to make the changes to the website. The more ministry employees that are capable of making these changes, the better. Without employees that can effectively run its website, a ministry is inhibiting its ability to communicate effectively through this online medium. Creating ideas is only one part of the formula for getting quality content on a Church website. In addition, the technological side of the website needs to be executed so that ideas can become reality. A Church will be free to make website updates and changes if their employees are proficient when it comes to website management. 

So how does a ministry ensure its employees can effectively run its website?

Effective training materials and quizzes that test the retainment of website management knowledge can ensure that employees have what they need to make changes on a site. 

Running a Church website requires certain knowledge. There is no doubt about that. One common idea that needs to be extinguished, however, is that only young, tech-savvy people can run a Church website. This is blatantly false. With proper training and practice, anyone can learn to run a content management system. It is simply a matter of providing the proper training and practice to ministry employees.   

Ministry employees and volunteers need to be empowered. Doing so will aid in ministry development. See how we are crafting communications empowerment.