Church Websites: The Key to Relevancy

“The list of components that go into a successful website is extensive. Ultimately though, at the base of any successful website is one thing: relevancy. It is the single most important part of enhancing an online presence.” 

- Luke Frederick, Owner – Sheepish Design

Why Relevancy? Well, why do ministry members visit a website?

People visit a ministry website for a couple primary reasons:

The first reason is that they simply want information. The thing is, they don’t want just any information. They want to know what is relevant and timely in your ministry at the time they are visiting the site. Think about news. The same concept applies. The number of people that read a breaking news article will be significantly higher than the number of people that read an article that is two weeks old. A website will only draw in users so long as it presents information that is of interest.

Another reason ministry members visit a website is to connect with other members. This could be anything from looking up contact information for staff members to using social media that are incorporated on the site. Through these media they can have a conversation with employees or other congregation members. Regardless, updates to the site are necessary for ministry members to be able to connect effectively.  That is why achieving relevancy has to be the top priority for a website manager. 

Achieving relevancy on a website is not hard to do. By following some easy steps, you can almost guarantee you will bolster the effectiveness of your site with a high level of relevancy. 

Here are the keys to relevancy:

  • Custom Design: Your ministry is unique. There is no reason why your website shouldn’t be also. The website reflects the values and mission of your ministries. It conveys the beauty of your buildings, the passion of your members and the traditions of your church. 
  • Trained Staff: The online realm and your ministry are constantly changing. Your website has to adjust with changes as well. Trained ministry employees and volunteers will be capable of making the necessary changes on the website. Maximizing the number of people that can make these necessary changes will increase the flexibility of what can be done with the website. 
  • Keep it up-to-date: As mentioned, your ministry is constantly changing. Consequently, the website needs to be altered frequently as well if it is to properly reflect the current situation in your ministry. With a trained staff, it is easier to keep your website up-to-date. 

We feel empowering ministry employees in website management is important. This is one of our passions. Check out our solution, we call it BlendFive.

These steps are vital for the success of a ministry website. They require actions that any ministry can easily take. They will help attain online relevance.