How We Can Connect with Today's Youth

The youth. Saying it is sometimes hard to connect with them is an understatement. For adults, kids can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. One thing is certain though. The world our kids are growing up in presents a stark contrast to what older generations are accustomed to. This idea is particularly palpable in the realm of technology. 

Chris Hudson does a great job explaining the massive gap that exists between generations and the experience they have with technology.

The fact is, in order to connect with youth; a leader needs to utilize areas of familiarity among the youth. Put the ball in their court so to speak. So, what should youth leaders utilize to connect with youth? The answer, a well constructed ministry website that incorporates social media.

There has been an increase of social media use by churches, which indicates a rising awareness about the influence, and power social media can have.

As the awareness and prevalence of social media increase, they have become an influential way to connect with the youth.

By connecting, engaging and meeting the youth where they are, social media can be an extremely valuable communications too.

 But what does this have to do with a good website? Well, your website acts as the foundation and cornerstone of all of your communications tasks. It’s the one platform that you have complete control over. This centralized platform, and its incorporation of social media is extremely valuable to connecting with youth. Have you thought about how you can control the message and hub of your communications? Well, check out BlendFive. Lets increase relevance and engagement with both the website and social media. It must be both.