A Rock Solid Foundation: Maintaining Your Ministry Website

We are living in a time in which a digital presence is vital for virtually any organization. Churches are no exception. Churches now realize a website is an important piece of their communication effort. Something common among many churches is the need to consider budget constraints when deciding how to go about creating their website.  

What is the course of action taken by many churches as a result of this factor? Some churches have a volunteer from their congregation work on the website. Others have an existing staff member build a site. A volunteer usually does the work pro bono. A ministry employee is already being paid and therefore money doesn’t have to be spent on outside labor. Either way, the church is saving money. This may seem like a great option initially, but it is often ineffective and unsustainable over time.   

On the front end, there is the initial website build which is very important. After that, however, constant work is still needed to be intentional and relevant with the website. As your church continues to change, so should your website.  Changes and updates are always necessary. Herein lies the root of certain long-term issues with the aforementioned system. 

What if the volunteer that built the site is no longer a member of the congregation? What if the employee tasked with managing the site no longer works at the church?  What if the individual is far too busy to give the site the constant attention it needs? This is often what happens to churches. The website is neglected. Then, after a delay, a new person attempts to make changes and updates to the site, but it is far too difficult without the original creator present. Continuity becomes a stiff challenge.

We pride ourselves on relationship building at Sheepish Design. When we work with churches, we don’t want to just give them a site we built. We want to provide the service and expertise necessary to ensure the churches we work with have a great website with no lapses in timely, relevant material. We strive to be the rock solid foundation from which churches can derive stability in their online communication effort. No matter what is changing in the church, we want to be the presence that can be constantly leaned on to help with the digital presence.