Budgeting for a Website: Why Your Decision is Important

Tight budgets. It’s a hindrance many organizations have been forced to deal with the last few years. Ministries are no exception. With a tight budget, ministries need to ensure they are getting the most value out of every dollar they spend. 

One area churches need to allocate money is website development and maintenance. Good communication is at the center of any successful organization, so a quality website is certainly an area where spending is necessary.

With that said, a ministry does not have to spend an asinine amount of money to have a website of the highest quality.

Churches that have financial restraints need a solution for their online needs. A solution that includes each of the following on a consistent basis, emphasizing the importance of a relationship:

  1. Custom Design 
  2. Ongoing Design
  3. Consulting 
  4. Training 
  5. Support

Not only will your ministry be provided with an enhanced online presence through a quality website, but it will stay relevant and effective over time. Does this solution sound feasible? 

Alternative Model of Payment

Currently, many churches set aside a large sum of money to buy a website. The website is received by the church which then pays the design company in a single transaction and uses the website for a couple of years. During this time, the websites typically decline because they are not updated and redesigned as frequently as they need to in order to stay relevant. Basically, churches are spending a lot of money on a website that is slowly dwindling. We believe this is a wasteful investment.

However, there’s hope. The money set aside for the website could be spent over a period of time instead of all at once. In addition, the payment could go toward not only a website, but necessary services each month. This can optimize a website and ensure the money spent is a worthwhile investment. Churches have limited financial resources. It is important to make sure you are getting value for each dollar your church spends. 

So what is value?

Value is receiving a custom made website that is complimented by services that greatly minimize the lapses in the timeliness of the content on your website. 

At Sheepish Design, we’ve crafted a new solution with the budgets of ministries in mind.