A Progressive Ministry Website Solution

“Churches are in a unique situation. Like any organization, their websites need to be used as a primary communication tool, but they are faced with certain challenges other organizations don’t encounter. When it became clear the traditional method of website management could be improved, we crafted BlendFive to help ministries address these challenges and enhance their online presence.”

Luke Frederick, Owner – Sheepish Design

Ministries often find themselves stuck when it comes to their websites. That is because many churches are still following the traditional model of the church website market.            

The Traditional Market: Right now churches simply shell out a large lump sum of money to receive a custom website. While these websites are often of quality right after their construction, there is no ongoing support, maintenance, etc. With time, this will lead to a gradual decline in relevancy that ultimately results in a website that must be scrapped completely and replaced with a new one. In short, many churches are spending a lot of money on websites that are slowly worsening and are likely to have a short shelf life.

Time has proven that many churches would benefit from a change in the way they manage their websites. There are certain needs, requirements and desires that simply must be met. This is our solution.

  1. Custom Website: Your ministry is unique. Your website should be too. 
  2. Ongoing Design: Keeping your website relevant month to month.
  3. Consulting: Our team can help you set and analyze communications goals.
  4. Training: Our certification program will empower your employees. 
  5. Support: Our team is available whenever you need assistance. 

We wanted to take a proactive approach with websites rather than be reactive. There is no reason to wait for website issues to occur and then fix them. By updating the website on a regular basis, your ministry can greatly minimize the number of website issues that arise by doing what is necessary before they occur. Click to find out how our solution supports this approach.     

From a budget standpoint, rather than spending thousands of dollars up front, money should be spent over time to ensure your ministry is constantly getting the most out of its website. Not only does this lead to a superior website build, but it increases the value of each dollar spent. As you know, ministry budgets are often limited. Therefore, it’s important to be frugal and strategic regarding the spending, especially in regards to the website. 

Church websites should be about an ongoing relationship, not a transaction.