Understanding Passion

As a recent college graduate (shout out to the University of Minnesota), I’ve been challenged to think, feel and explore many aspects of what interests me. But most importantly, I’ve been challenged to find my passion. But what is passion? What does it really mean?

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 11.39.43 AM.png

As I've - continuously - sought to comprehend this definition, I've noticed that our world has a misguided understanding of passion. We've been conditioned to see passion as the outcome, not the spark. Think of it this way, have you ever told yourself or someone else that you're looking for your passion? Or what makes you passionate? 

I believe that passion is much simpler than an outcome.

I believe that passion is merely a spark in creativity, work ethic and ultimately, the accomplishment of an idea, concept or undertaking.

As I’ve sought to understand my own individual passions, I’ve also learned that passion is simply obsessive interest. Furthermore, passion does not represent or always lead to accomplishment. Passion is simply a spark. It's the beginning motivation, emotion and interest, not some sort of defining outcome. 

Now, I do not dare assume that ministries with passion alone can’t or don’t accomplish great things. Instead, I dare to believe that when passions are complimented with strategy, commitment and continuous implementation, the Churches of Christ can truly thrive. 

I believe that passion is a great thing, but more importantly, it's the start of great things! 


May passions spark your actions today!