Change your Perspective, then your Website

Ultimately, it is not necessary to completely change your communication habits in order to achieve online relevance. By simply optimizing what you already have, you can improve your website and communications online. Finding relevancy doesn't necessarily mean starting over. 

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Okay, lets look at this situation. For some of you it may be hypothetical, but for others, it may be exactly what you are experiencing. 

  • You have realized that your Church website needs to be improved. It may lack meaning for the people that visit, maybe it features content that does not reflect the current state of your ministry, or it might possibly fail to connect with the members of your congregation. 

  • You recognize that you need to fix the problem and that if you don't, the relevance of your ministry's online presence will hang in the balance.  

  • After this realization, you ponder the specific ways to improve, and ultimately optimize, your current website. From here you realize there are a couple options. Should you totally alter the way you do things? Or is it enough to simply make adjustments with what you are doing to achieve the relevance you want?

When you are assessing your website, don’t think about the major changes you have to make. Simply refocus the way you are looking at your website and how it is managed. In other words, attempt to switch your perspective. If you do this, the necessary action steps will be laid out clearly for you. 

Ministries simply need to view their websites as something that is ongoing and alive.   

As with anything that can be described with these two adjectives, a website requires constant attention. Failure to provide this attention can result in a website that greatly dwindles in effectiveness. A website cannot be viewed through a lens that makes it appear it can be placed online and then can be neglected for long periods of time without supervision. 

Think of your website as a tool. A great tool is a great start. You will, however, be unable to accomplish a task with the tool if you are incapable of using it correctly. With a website, you will only accomplish the task of communicating effectively if you use the website effectively. By committing to relevancy and an ongoing approach, your ministries can begin to use this tool effectively.   

In summary, your ministries shouldn't first worry about what action steps need to be taken regarding your website. First, change the way you think about your website. When your perspective changes, your actions will follow. Relevancy begins with your mindset; your perspective.