The Internet: A Communication Platform Distinguished from the Rest

There are countless ways for people to communicate with each other! However, despite the extensiveness of this theoretical list, it can be concluded that communicating with a website has the potential to be more effective than other communication methods. Using some hypothetical situations, lets take a look at some of the reasons we love websites; especially the connections they are able to make. 

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You Can Access a Website at any Time

Scenario: Jane is sitting at his computer. She just got done studying for a test she has the next day. It is 2 in the morning and few others are awake. she has recently been looking for a new Church to join and is particularly interested about getting involved in a youth group. Upon Googling local ministries, she stumbles upon your Church’s website and after liking what she sees, decides to visit your Church and joins a youth group soon after. 

This shows that you should not limit yourself with communication methods that are time dependent. Once a website is up, it stays up and people can visit it at any time of the day. You don’t want to have restricted hours for people to be able to find out information about your ministry.  

You can Access a Website from any Location

Scenario: The Johnson family is about to move to your community. They do not wait to arrive, however, before they start researching possible Churches they can be a part of. Your website does a better job than any other local Church reflecting what your ministry is all about. As a result, the Johnson's decide to visit your Church in-person. They enjoy their first service there and subsequently become members.  

You don’t want people to have to physically be at your Church to find out information about it. A geographic limitation could greatly hinder your ability to recruit new and potential members. With a website, individuals gain access to information about your ministry if they simply have internet. In short, they can gain this important information basically anywhere. 

Information can be Displayed and Organized Relevantly 

Scenario: Adam decides to go on your website. He is amazed at all of the things he can do on a website. On the site he can:

  • Make a donation
  • View a calendar that features 
  • View a list of staff contacts
  • Read the Church news letter
  • Read about all of the volunteer opportunities at the Church
  • Register for any other Church events
  • Reserve Church facilities

By utilizing all of these different features, Adam knows he can be the best Church member possible and deeply immerse himself in the ministry community. This will encourage him to remain in the ministry. A website is not strictly about getting new members, its also about retaining them.

This list could be a lot longer, but it covers a few of the things that can be done on a website. The wide array of benefits that can be gained by visiting a website prove that there is no better medium to use as a communications hub. It would be virtually impossible to incorporate such a wide breadth of materials on any other communication platform. All of the different web pages that a website has make it possible to have the information well organized. 

Websites can Incorporate Many Different forms of Media

Scenario: Carrie was just on her Church website. To start the visit, she listened to a podcast that was a part of the Church’s recent sermon series. Following this, she watched a video highlighting a mission trip taken by youth. Lastly, she reads a detailed description about a new pastor that is going to join the Church. 

A website can be very engaging! You do not have to limit your visitors to simply reading text. By using videos, podcasts, and other media, you can enhance your communications methods by drawing on the strengths of each form of media. They can be synthesized in a way that greatly connects with your ministry.

Your Church website can be very influential. Make sure you give it the care it needs so your can meet ministry goals through effective communication. Your website can take discipleship, community growth and ministry communication to the next level.