Successful Church Websites begin with Ownership

At one point in your life I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of this concept; own the moment. As an agency that exists to empower our clients, we want to tell you this. Your ministries should own the website. 

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When we say you should own your website, there are a few key ideas that we are hinting towards. These concepts are important in many facets of life, but also in the context of your ministry’s online communications success.


Responsibility: When it comes to a successful website, there needs to be an emphasis of responsibility on the website succeeding. Whether it is one individual or a team of 50, there needs to be someone responsible for the website.  Ownership begins when with identifying responsibility.  

Significance: Another way that a Ministry’s website can succeed is when those who take ownership see the significance of an effective website. When your team values the significance of a well designed, maintained and executed website, your online presence will drastically improve. Responsibility isn't enough, there needs to also be an understanding of the value; the significance. 

Focus on what you Have/Choose the Correct Tool: Now, these ideals may seem a bit contradicting, and in some ways they are. However, they are important to analyze together. When you focus on what you have, you will realize what you need. When you realize what you need, it’s important to choose the correct tool. In essence, both of these concepts focus on the idea of evaluation. In order to find success with your website, you must take ownership and evaluate accordingly. It’s a process; do your due diligence.

Set an example: The final piece of taking ownership of your website is setting an example. In each of the previous concepts, it’s important to note that somebody must set the tone; they must lead. A successful website begins with taking ownership. You must be the example; you must take ownership. Remember, even if you are not the decision maker, you have a voice. If you understand the responsibility, significance and evaluations that are necessary, you can help your Ministries succeed online.