The Custom Church: Uniqueness is not arbitrary.

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"If you are reading this, you are custom; a fact you should not take for granted."

Although change is prominent, especially in the communications industry and the Church, I can’t help but think about the fact that each ministry is custom. How cool is that! Whether it’s the missions, focuses, individuals, passions and/or approaches, just to name a few, your ministries are custom and unique to you.

The reason I am thinking about this today is because I love my job! As an agency, we have the opportunity to come alongside ministries, empowering them within their uniqueness’s to further advance the kingdom of Jesus. But it’s more than just providing a tool (website). It’s the partnerships, friendships and the fact that Jesus is at the center.

As we progress as a company, the one truth we will always project is this: Jesus is the core of who we are and each ministry that comes through our doors is unique, custom, and deserves to be represented as such. The designs implemented within your ministries – websites, brochures, mailers, etc. – should be unique to you. We believe they should represent and reflect your audiences, your visions, your emotions and your missions.

Remember, your Church is custom; how cool is that!!!