The New Model of Relevancy

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Websites are no longer a transaction that should take place every few years; they are ongoing.


As an agency that has worked in the industry for the better part of five years, we’ve seen the need for ongoing design, and now, in this age of relevancy, the traditional – cyclical – model of websites no longer makes sense for Ministries. The traditional model concludes that websites have a lifetime (1-3 years, depending on who you talk with) that determines its relevancy. Thus, between updates, redesigns and complete overhauls, the relevancy of your website is constantly dwindling, being recharged and dwindling again. However, the traditional age of websites is changing and the new model of relevancy is approaching.

The new model of relevancy is approaching and you must understand this: your website is alive, dynamic and in need of continuous care.

It’s no longer okay to make your website a transactional product; it must become a part of your ministries; daily, monthly and annually. As we enter this new age of relevancy, agencies must also introduce a new model of their solutions. There needs to be an emphasis on relationships and ongoing designs; a solution that embraces the changing industry, the rising needs of ministries and the essence of the new model of relevancy. It also needs to make sense financially.

In the age of technology, we can't stress relevancy enough. How your ministries approach this issue is crucial. Connect with one of our team today, we'd love to share how we can help keep your online ministries relevant. Click here.