The Chasm between Innovation and Authenticity

It’s virtually impossible to get away from today’s technology and its innovativeness. Whether it’s social media, smartphones, staying connected or about a million other communications options, our world has transitioned into one of technology brilliance.

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What does this “Technology Brilliance” mean to the Church?

Well, it all funnels into one thing, opportunity! Unlike any generation before us, we have the resources to connect, disciple and minister to/with the world. The opportunities to accomplish the missions of the Church have reached new heights!

However, this blog isn’t about new communications opportunities; it’s about the chasm between innovation and authenticity. It's about the simple fact that often we are quick to act on something because we can, not because we should. It's important as ministries to understand the value of the communications innovations; it's also important to understand whether or not your ministries should/shouldn't utilize them. In a world that’s rapidly advancing technologically, it’s important that within these advancements our authenticity remains consistent and relevant.

Don't sacrifice your mission due to a "cool" communications tool.

As individuals who consider ourselves "tech geeks," we understand the desire and interest in new technology. However, we've also seen how too much technology can disrupt the authenticity of a mission. Don't let innovation over value or over take your missions; there's no need to create a chasm between innovation and authenticity. Here are some things to think about when it comes to innovative technology: 

  1. How/will this help our mission?
  2. Is this innovation tested enough to be trusted or proven valuable?
  3. Who are the professionals/individuals I could ask about this innovation?

If you have a question about communications authenticity, we would love to answer it!