Optimization: Why it starts with Personalization

Optimization. You may have heard this term tossed around quite a bit recently, especially within the tech and web world. It may seem that everyone is on the optimization bandwagon, and in reality, they should be; you should be.

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Website Optimization is a phrase that describes the techniques used to enhance a website’s ranking within search engines by taking advantage of the connections and resources available. 

A post from Pamela Vaughan touches on a few metrics you could and should use to effectively optimize your website performance. She highlights Unique Visitors, New vs. Repeat Visitors, Traffic Sources, Referring URL's, Most/Least Popular Pages, Indexed Pages, Landing Page Conversion Rates and Bounce Rates, which are all important. 

Now, as an agency that specializes in website design, we understand the significance of optimization and how it will bring value to your ministries. However, optimization starts with personalization, not a bunch of tech mumbo jumbo. Before your ministries begin to diagnose website optimization, it is important you understand how and why your ministries communications efforts must be personal.

  • You are unique: What makes your different; special? Remember, your ministries are unique - one of a kind. Your communications should reflect that. In essence, define your ministries personality and own it. 
  • You can relate: What makes your target audience want to connect specifically with you? Well, you can relate. Many individuals will come to your ministries looking for help; understanding. Posture your communications with that in mind. 
  • You have an Answer: Your mission is one of a kind; be relevant within it. One of the best things about marketing and communicating for the Church is that we have the answer; Jesus. Your ministries have the solutions that your audiences are looking for, provide them.