Be simple and efficient.

Whether you are a Church of 10 or 10,000, be simple and efficient in your web designs and marketing. One thing that we’ve experienced over the years is ministries – simply – trying to do too much; which can be damaging. We do believe that design is an important piece to a successful ministry; however, we also understand that it’s not the most important one. The development of the ministries that comes in our door is more important than any designs we can create. With this in mind, it’s of value to progress simply and efficiently with the designs and marketing of your Church.

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Simple often means easier to navigate and understand.

The website and marketing with you Church comes with some intention and perspective; most of the time you are attempting to accomplish a goal. When your designs and process are simple, the goals become even more reachable, at a more efficient pace.

Ask yourself: Is this element really that important?

Your website is an online representation of your ministries and the mission/vision of your Church; it’s more than a creative playground. Now, we understand that you want your website to do everything, so do we. However, it’s important to ask yourself, what do I really need? This starts by determining what the mission of your website is going to be. Whether it’s creating awareness, building a community or just simply providing information, defining what’s absolutely valuable to your website and its campaign will do you wonders.

Is your website built with your staff and volunteers in mind?

Think about this: you could have the most amazing website. It’s beautiful, getting lots of positive hype, and your Church loves it. However, the operation and maintenance of the site is more than your Church can handle. Now what? Well, this is an issue that we’ve seen many ministries face over the years, and in fact, a problem we’ve solved for many as well. However, when your website is built on a simple and efficient platform, your staff and volunteers are able to update and maintain its presence. It is important to think about the function of your website before any implementation takes place. This will save you time and frustration later on.