Church Websites on Squarespace

The majority of our Church Websites are built upon the Squarespace platform; about 70% actually. We believe that this Content Management System (CMS) is the best opportunity and option for ministries. We’ve found that whether you have a full team of communicators or simply a few volunteers, this platform provides the best solution to fit the needs of Churches online. So, what is Squarespace?

This is why you’ll like it:

It’s easy to create Pages, Galleries and Blogs

  • The Squarespace CMS allows you to build new pages, galleries, and blogs with a click of the mouse; you don’t need to be a developer or understand any coding to do this. This allows your website to grow along side your Church.

Layout-Engine makes building pages easy

  • Squarespace V6 has created a revolutionary Layout-Engine technology that give you the freedom to create visually rich pages with any configuration of text, images, or blogs by dragging items where you want them. Basically, a drag and drop solution.

Connect to the services you love

  • In this age of technology we’ve become accustom to Social Media, many photos and blogs. The Squarespace platform lets you pull in your latest content, displaying it beautifully on your website. Your communication mediums will never be too far away.

Real-time statistics

  • With every Squarespace website, you have access to real-time statistics. You’ll have access to built-in analytics to view the traffic and behavior of visitors. Learn where they’re coming from and what Keywords they’re using to find you.