Why design isn’t important!

Did a design agency just proclaim that design isn’t important? Well, we did, we’re not crazy, and this is why.

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With backgrounds in the Church, we realize and understand that the missions, visions, and values of each ministry are more important than its design; design is simply one aspect of the overall ministry. We do believe that design is an important piece to a successful ministry; however, we also understand that it’s not the most important one. Our goal from day one has always been to redesign every Church website and to come alongside ministries to make them leaders in the Online Great Commission. The development of the ministries that comes in our door are more important than any designs we can create. 

What we value:

  • The Church: The mission of Christ!
  • Ministry Development: The growth and development of your ministries.
  • Relationships: Creating and sustaining valuable and impactful relationships.
  • Communications: The development of different mediums and messages.
  • Design: The strategy and implementation of it within the Church.