The I in Team; The U in Church

Often – and such is the case in my life – we try undoubtedly to accomplish things alone; we’re prideful in our skillsets and accomplishments. We try and try, struggle and struggle, yet fail; or at least not succeed to the satisfaction of ourselves.

"Maybe you have dabbled in the basics of design and marketing within your Church’s communications and maybe it has proven to be difficult. You’re not alone." - Steve Miller 

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Justin Wise, a blogger, communicator, thinker, and social media strategist, voiced his professional opinion about the need for teamwork within church communications. He states, “it is crucial for you to set the need for a communications team." With the advancement of technology, the different platforms, and also the ways in which users are now communicating, this mentality Justin is hinting at has become even more prevalent. In this modern era, churches and their communicators must realize and understand that marketing and design cannot be placed on the backburner, given to the secretary or just completely ignored all together. Instead, it must be strategized, organized and implemented by individuals who grasp the concepts, mediums, and culture of the communications world. We must recognize the value of a communications strategy and team.

A functional team consists of qualified individuals who can collaborate, challenge, and motivate each other on a routine basis. These individuals must have a leader, a director. We believe that the most important part of a team is the chemistry the individuals have together. However, in close second is the need for a leader. This leader, often known as the communications director, should be champion “of the church’s vision, being a key person involved in how it’s messaged and communicated across different mediums,” according to Tim Schraeder. Your church must determine this leader, and then build a team around him/her.

Remember, there are key pieces to every communications team and puzzle; utilize them accordingly.