Engaging or Informing?

The communication of your church should both inform and engage your audience. It must be more than just enticing, more than just informational. In a society where everything is immediate, mobile, and interactive, your communication must be the same.

There are many facets of engagement for your Church to consider; everything from Community Events, Social Media Campaigns, to an Interactive Website. Remember, engaging your audience is simply acknowledging a need for relationship and acting accordingly.

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A few ways to build the engagement of your Church’s image:

  • Photos: Your audience will love to visually see the events and ministries you have to offer. Whether it’s a whole gallery or just a picture or two, photos will connect with audiences emotionally. People want to engage in positive interaction and experience.

  • Questions: One way to engage your audience is to ask them questions. More so than ever our audiences do not want to simply hear the message, they want to participate in the message. Ask questions that promote their participation.

  • Go where your audience is: Building engagement within your Church and community stems from the idea of targeting your audience. Not only do you need to provide the messages and information that your audience is looking for, but you also need to provide it through the correct mediums as well. Some different mediums could be Facebook, through the mail, on your website, etc.

As communicators, it is crucial that we realize “our broadcast world is quickly giving way to an interactive world,” says Kevin D. Hendricks. “One-way broadcasting is being replaced with multi-way conversations. People no longer passively consume media, they interact with it. They talk back, through Twitter, Facebook, text messages and more." With this in mind, it is important that you structure your communication efforts in a way that allows for interactivity and engagement; not simply information.