The Small Agency Solution

Whether to hire a large or small agency is a tough decision that many ministries have and are facing. Calculating, weighing, and balancing the costs, along with simply understanding the differences proves to be a difficult task.

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“Why can’t the solution be simple?”

Jeff Rosenblum, founding partner at Questus, a digitally-led advertising agency with offices in New York and San Francisco, highlights two specific areas where small agencies beat the big ones.

Flexibility Grows Fresh Ideas: The success of small agencies depends on the ability to leverage flexibility and develop fresh ideas. This means that each member “Must” be an expert at his or her job. As opposed to a large agency and specialized team, small agencies provide a collaborative effort that will drive your ministries even further. As Jeff states, Flexibility is the key to success; every touch point, ranging from retail to social media, provides an opportunity to expand the definition of advertising. Flexibility is wired into each small-agency shop from birth.

Culture Spurs Risk Taking: An agency, and the success of its objectives come down to one thing – people. Relations, camaraderie and collaborations are the key ingredients for success. Simply put, small agencies are fueled by a culture that encourages this and know that they need to create breakthrough results to simply survive, at every moment, in every design, and with every project. Church’s benefit from a smaller agency because that agency is dependent on their business, referrals, and relationships; they provide their very best not only because they want to, but also because they need to.

In Jeff’s words, “Small Agencies Crush Big Ones: It’s Not Even Close.”