Do you Value the Connotation?

There’s a tough reality in our society. Connotations exist, and your website is not immune to this fact. As our culture becomes more and more connected online, it’s important that we understand the connotations our platforms are representing. What is the connotation of your website from the seats of your audience?

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When you value your website's connotation, your online audience values your Ministry 

50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find content.

This directly relates to ministries. Think of it this way, if the website is difficult to navigate, interpret and understand, you’re going to lose potential visitors and members. As and agency, we’ve created a solution to help with this. See it in action here. We call it the Mega-Pull. It’s an information architecture that serves up relevant information to a specific audience member in a relevant and effective way. 

More than ¾ of the population is online.

This is your congregation, potential members, community partners, etc. The reality is that the individuals surrounding your ministry are online. Have you thought about what connotations your website portrays to these audiences? 

72% of online consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

As a ministry, one aspect of importance is always community, trust and spiritual integrity. Your website also represents this through things like testimonies, visuals experiences and relevant designs. Your website is often the initial introduction to an individual looking to visit and/or join. It's important that our websites are appealing in a relevant, comfortable and trustworthy way.   

Have you thought about the connotations your website represents online? It's time for ministries to analyze our connotations and online presences. Join the movement here!