Know Your Audience

"When it comes to the Marketing, Design, and Communications of your ministries, it is crucial that you are represented relevantly to and with your – specific – audience." - Luke Frederick

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Regarding Design:

Intentionally gearing your Church’s design toward a target demographic is essential for your communication to be effective. Now, more so than ever, it’s crucial that we are intentional in our communications. With the explosion of social media and the fact that everything’s going (if not already) mobile, we’ve all become content creators. “People don’t want to be told what’s going on anymore,” says Erin Williams. “They want to be part of the conversation. They want to talk too." Because of this paradigm shift there is much more communications noise for churches to compete with. As of now, every strategy, every design, and every action is under scrutiny by “us” and our peers. With that in mind, the intentions of your communications must be strategized, understood and evaluated consistently.

When it comes to being intentional with our communications, it’s normal to have a little “personal bias” that affects how we strategize, organize, implement, and evaluate. What we mean by this is that we naturally market to ourselves, to our own desires, wants and feelings. To move beyond this perspective, we advise you create a persona that represents your target demographic. For example, Bill is 34, has three kids and lives in the suburbs. He values family, social fellowship, and kids ministry. From this persona – which you could take even deeper – you can begin to craft your strategies and intentions. Your communication must be intentional, not only to your vision and mission, but also to your target audience. You must Know Your Audience!