The Keys to Long-term Ministry and Business Relationships

Does your ministry value relationships; do you invest in the long-term; how about with businesses? As we continue to grow as an agency, our understanding and perspective of relationships has changed. Between ministry and business there are differences, similarities, and many areas of understanding that must be discovered. Here are some aspects of a business and ministry relationship we have learned:

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  • Relationships bring value to both parties: Now, this seems pretty basic and simple, and it is. However, it’s also something that we can look past quite easily. In relationships – specifically between ministries and businesses – it is important to invest in those with value.

  • They must be built upon trust and integrity: In your relationships – especially those with businesses – trust and integrity are essential. As a ministry your work is more than just a career, it’s a lifestyle and commitment. You need to be able to trust in the company to not only accomplish their jobs, but also to do so in a manner of integrity.

    • There’s a willingness to be personal: Now, there is a fine line here because we’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” Well, that isn’t good enough! To develop a long-term relationship between a ministry and business it has to be personal. Both parties must be willing to take stock in the relationship.

          • Listening is key: In any relationship, the key to success starts with listening. A good ministry and business relationship will consist of both parties willing to listen and co-operate. It’s important to remember that you both bring value in different ways; by listening to each other you will be able to better understand and relate that value.

          As we continue to grow as an agency and further develop relationships with clients (and friends), we have grown to understand and value these four aspects. Even though we admit there is much more to a relationship, these four insights have continuously been the foundation between our business's relationships with ministries. We would love to connect with you; lets create a ministry and business relationship!