Website Chemestry - Well-Chosen Images

This last year, our friends at Church Marketing Sucks wrote about tips and ideas for your website in a series titles Website 101. In an effort to compliment their already thorough evaluation, we are completing a series titled Website Chemistry, the Necessary Elements of a Website.


This is part four of a five part series, titled Well-Chosen Images. 

As a marketing tool for your church, it is important that you value the visual content  you provide. Your website is an opportunity for you to visually fascinate your audience and one that you – frankly – can’t and shouldn’t miss.

Katie Strandlund, writing on behalf of Church Marketing Sucks, says “as we strive to communicate the story of our individual churches as well as the gospel story, I think we will discover that the two intersect most powerfully when we go beyond the content and explore the context.” The same can be said for our images and how we incorporate them into our designs. Remember, the images you choose will either benefit or hinder your designs.

“An image can say a thousand words and if used improperly will leave bad impressions.”                                                                             

Steve Miller, Graphic Designer

Also, we must realize that people value being visually stimulated. Pinterest is proof of this as it – a visually connecting social media platform – has increased in total unique visitors by 2,702.2% since last May (2011). With this concept in mind, you must understand that the images on your website bring value in a physical, emotional, and even psychological sense.

In the process of choosing your images for a website (or any design), you should consider a few things:

  • What is the context
  • Who is the audience
  • Does it represent our churches brand/mission
  • Is it a quality photo/illustration

Well-Chosen Images not only bring beauty to your website, but they also more effectively communicate the stories, values, and missions of your church.