Website Chemistry – User-Friendly Navigation

This last year, our friends at Church Marketing Sucks wrote about tips and ideas for your website in a series titled Website 101. In an effort to compliment their already thorough evaluation, we are beginning a series titles Website Chemistry, the Necessary Elements of a Website.


This is part of the five part series, titled User-Friendly Navigation.

Incorporating simple and user-friendly navigation into your churches website is essential in order to effectively communicate the message of your ministry. Entrepreneur Magazine hits the nail on the head stating, “nothing will drive customers away faster than confusing or complicated navigation!” This concept, similarly, applies to churches connecting with new members.

website is a great way for people to meet your church before ever actually meeting you. Having a user-friendly experience only adds value to this concept and is yet another way to help create relationships, connections, and fellowship.

A few things that create a user-friendly atmosphere:

    • Navigation and Orientation
    • Functionality
    • Help and Support
    • Error Management and User Control
    • Informing About Progress
    • Using Language that Users Understand
    • Be Consistent
    • Visual Clarity

Remember, the value of user-friendly navigation is much deeper than the graphical beauty that’s seen upon your site, it also holds kingdom value.