Website Chemistry - Testimonials

This last year, our friends at Church Marketing Sucks wrote about tips and ideas for your website in a series titled Website 101. In an effort to compliment their already thorough evaluation, we are beginning a series titled Website Chemistry, the Necessary Elements of a Website.

This is part two of the five part series, titled Testimonials. 


Whether you are highlighting your message and vision, advertising events and outreaches, or just connecting with an audience, your website is a hub of activity, and consumers will be evaluating your church. With this in mind, it is of great value to add personal testimonies to your site.

Testimonials are reviews of you, your mission, and your ministries. They are an indication that your church is believable, reliable, and whether or not it provides the atmosphere that your audience is looking for. 

“The best way to establish credibility is to provide evidence that your product or service really works. And the best way to do that is to include testimonials from satisfied customers that explain how your product or service has helped improve their lives.” - Corey Rudl

Good Testimonials:

  • Include the benefits of your product, organization, or service.
  • Bring validation to your claims.
  • Come from credible sources.
  • Endorse key elements of the product, organization, or services.
  • Help to better tell your story.

With the appropriate use of testimonials on your website, you will not only demonstrate the value of your church, the services you offer, and the missions you're passionate about, but you will also validate their value through third-party and firsthand perspectives.