Website Chemistry - Five Elements

This last year, our friends at Church Marketing Sucks wrote about tips and ideas for your website in a series titled Website 101.

In an effort to compliment their already thorough evaluation, we are beginning a series titled Website Chemistry, the Necessary Elements of a Website. This will be a five part series; here they are.

Your Contact Info

You likely use your website to portray your church, its ministries, events and outreaches, and other relevant information and happenings. With that in mind, it is crucial that your audience is able to find your contact information with ease.

Testimonials ­

“The best way to establish credibility is to provide evidence that your product or service really works. And the best way to do that is to include testimonials from satisfied customers that explain how your product or service has helped improve their lives.”

User-Friendly Navigation

The layout of your website should be simple and user-friendly. The more difficult your site is to navigate, the more likely the user will become impatient and leave. Your website is an opportunity to further attract people, make it as simple and flawless as it can be.

Well-Chosen Images

Your website is an opportunity for you to visually fascinate your audience and one that you – frankly – can’t/shouldn’t miss. As a marketing tool for your church, it is important that you value the visual content you provide.

An “About Us” Page

Having an about us page on your website adds the personal touch that consumers are looking for. Instead of just a church, you become a person, a brand. The “About Us” page is your chance to connect on a subjective level; it’s your opportunity to become “real” and “genuine” to/with your audience.