Facebook: To do... Not to do.

By now Facebook has become an entity, a platform, and for some a lifestyle that encompasses the digital spectrum. But what does this mean for churches? How should your church use Facebook? Here are a few do’s and do not’s for this – somewhat touted – all-encompassing platform.

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To do:

  • Rely on someone with experience: However, contrast to the cultural norm the experienced social media individuals may be lower level employees or volunteers. Other options include hiring agencies to design and develop your ministry pages.

  • Provide value: More often than not people are visiting your Facebook page because they want solutions and information. They are looking for a certain or specific feature that your ministry is or will offer. Be sure that you provide links or information about your valuable services.

  • Market research: On social media – specifically Facebook – you will be generating not only relationships, but an online community as well. As this community progresses, it’s crucial that your church assess the endeavors and changes. Market research doesn’t – always – have to be intense; even asking simple – relevant – questions once in a while can directly impact and influence your ministries.

  • Interact: Social media is an opportunity for you to personalize your church, use this opportunity to interact and communicate with your members and nonmembers alike.

Not to do:

  • Don’t clutter up your page: When you create your Facebook page be sure not to clutter it up with too much information. A smooth, simple, and straightforward design will better your ministry moving forward.

  • Don’t appear desperate: A golden rule of building your brands image is to appear successful. Confidence and prosperity will attract more people to your church. When it comes to social media, don’t act desperate; simply be genuine and relevant.

  • Don’t diverge from your brands image: Effectively representing and distributing your brands image means defining your message, deciding the method(s) you wish to implement and discovering the best way(s) in which to make them happen.

  • Don’t forget the visuals: The landing Facebook page for you church should be designed in a way that encompasses the ministries you are offering. It should reflect your mission, vision, and specific goals. A clean cut and relevant landing page will make or break your Facebook page.