The Value of Custom Design in Ministry

In a digital and mobile world many ministries are turning to websites as an online representation of their ministries, missions, and happenings. However, many are finding themselves at a crossroads; should they use a template or have a custom design built? Although we’ll admit that custom designs are not for every church, below are a few aspects of custom designed sites that we believe are valuable, if not necessary. 

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 9.43.56 AM.png

Process: One of the main advantages of building your church website with custom designs is the process by which you are able to design; create. Being able to control virtually everything (no pun intended) within your website (design, functionality, etc.), the process gives your ministry the opportunity, options, and control necessary to create and implement a worthwhile and meaningful website.

Professional: Another advantage of custom designs is the professionalism that they encompass. With custom designs churches are able to present relevant, valuable, and quality representations of their ministries, missions, and church happenings. Through custom designs your ministry's brand will be represented professionally. 

No Limitations: By designing your website on a custom platform you allow your church the opportunity and privilege of having no limitations (at least in regards to design). The room for growth, addition, expansion, implementation, and adaptability is vast. In other words, you are free to attempt and innovate without much holding you back.