The Importance of Honesty

When it comes to everything – and I realize that’s vague – honesty is extremely important; this is true in design, marketing, and business. In thinking about how honesty relates to design, there are a few key questions related to honesty and integrity that design clients – even ours – should consider before accepting any project.

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A few questions to ask include:

  • Is the agency willing to sacrifice the prospect of working with you in order for your ministries and future missions to be better served?

  • Will the agency tell you their specific limitations, strengths, and weaknesses?

  • Does the agency present – and implement – itself in a manor of honest integrity?

  • Is the agency transparent about how they will manage your time and resources?

  • What is the agencies track record?

Honesty, integrity, and being transparent are crucial when it comes to everything; but they are especially important in design, marketing, and business. Asking and interpreting the tough questions listed above will not only protect your ministries moving forward, but will also ensure that your hire the correct agency for your church.

A good thing to consider is this: what are they hiding and what are they seeking?