A Sheepish Design Christmas Poem

Sheepish Team.jpg

Twas the week before Christmas when all through the agency,

Each employee was eager to open gifts, waiting somewhat patiently.

Traditions were noted and card designs inspired,

Just a week away from Christmas spirit, acquired.


Luke the boss with classic sweater attired,

Arrived early to work with (apple) computer, required.

Smiling and laughing in a simple grey cardigan,

His emotion was passionate, right from the heart, again.


Steve the designer simply created,

A complex design, a measurement not understated.

In Illustrator, Photoshop, and even Dreamweaver,

He sculpted a masterpiece, and created a believer.


Taylor was aglow, if not for one reason,

With baby on board, hooray for the season.

Congrats to her family now expecting one more,

Time for celebration and baby stuff galore.


With a grin Mark was stuck in deep code,

His gaze was that, that of a child and snow globe.

With headphones amass his focus was able,

A simple computer warrior, lost in code fable.


And Laura was sheepish with a smirk and a chuckle

But confident and classy with her gigantic belt buckle.

She designed and designed, the whole day away,

Was jolly and rosy, Mrs. Klaus with no sleigh.


From our family to yours many blessings of cheer,

Remember Christmas is more than presents, carols, or deer.

It’s about faith and family and times of much love,

But most importantly Jesus, and when He was sent from above!


MERRY – week before – CHRISTMAS