Marketing during the Holiday Season

If you think the Holiday season is a time when marketing communications should be put of hold or moved to the back burner, you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with you audience. Now, there is some truth that people are overstretched financially, socially, and yes, even spiritually. However, the spirit of the season miraculously gives people hope, sincerity, and an unexplained disposition to try new things.


So, instead of sitting quiet, waiting for a new year, ask yourself how to use this unique time to get creative with your church's marketing and communications.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Design a holiday card
  2. Relate your messages, events, and branding to the season
  3. Create an end of the year “upcoming events” report/announcement
  4. Give gifts: make the holidays extra special for your staff and congregation
  5. Simply love someone

The Holiday's are a time for faith, family, and friends, but they're also an opportunity for your church to market your mission; market your vision. Be careful not to place this opportunity on the back burner.