Ice Cold Design - What cold weather teaches us

For many of us, today is our first day back to work after Thanksgiving break, and for those of us in Minnesota it’s been a cold one. Today’s cold weather – and a few specific situations – got me thinking, there’s really something to be said about the connection between nature and design.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 11.38.05 AM.png

These situations:

  1. Seeing my breath reminded me that everywhere I go I leave a footprint; a trail.
  2. Scraping off my windshield reminded me that sometimes we need cleansing; renewal. 
  3. My rosy cheeks reminded me that there’s beauty in – sometimes – uncomfortable situations.

Relate to design because:

  1. Much like our breath, the designs we create encompass more than an art, visual, or simple moment; they create a endless remembrance of our passions, objectives, and missions.
  2. Just like scraping the ice off our windshields, sometimes we need to get rid of the clutter in order to see the objective. Are our designs complimenting or overpowering our objectives?
  3. As creatives, satisfaction is sometimes a rare breed. We are constantly striving for that next level of design and strategy, and sometimes we don’t feel like we’ve achieved it. However, much like rosy cheeks in the cold we must remember that our designs are not simply for our pleasure, but also for the beauty that others experience in seeing or embracing them.

Today I was reminded that it sure is a beautiful world; a beautiful life. Next time you experience nature – which most likely will be today – take a chance to look around and take it in. We can definitely learn from the ultimate creative, God, even if it is ice cold outside.

Happy Monday Friends!