That Friday Slump


It’s Friday and all that’s between you and a nice relaxing weekend is a few more hours at the office. You’re physically ready for the week to be over, but mentally you can’t quite check out yet. You keep telling yourself to focus, just focus. Well, here are a few tips from Reader’s Digest to help you stay engaged for the final hours of your workweek.

  1. Head outside and sit in the daylight for 10 minutes
  2. Choose activating protein not energy-sapping carbs
  3. Enjoy Teatime
  4. Clean your desk and clear out your email inbox
  5. Make an “I was thinking of you” phone call
  6. Put a drop of peppermint oil in your hand
  7. Roll your shoulders
  8. Consider a morsel of dark chocolate
  9. Chew some “spicy” gum
  10. Plan group activities for midday
  11. Take 10 minutes for isometric exercises
  12. Keep a rosemary plant in your office
  13. Have an afternoon snack designated to get the blood flowing