What can coffee tell us about design?

For many of us coffee is a significant aspect of our lives. It’s part of our routine, it rejuvenates our minds, it allows us relaxation and comfort, it’s a way for us to relate, and it’s a lifestyle. However, whether coffee is a crucial part of your life or not, one thing is for sure, coffee can tell us much about successful design.

If your coffee is near you: Pick it up, feel its warmth, hold it toward your mouth, bask in its aroma, and enjoy a nice sip of pure greatness. Now, what did that teach you about design?

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 9.41.18 AM.png

Much like coffee, design is:

  • Not just an object, but also an experience: The designs that your ministries use should create an experience for those who encounter them. Now, this experience may be different for every person and every context. Much like coffee, some enjoy its social aspects, some enjoy the flavor. Your design should look to create a ministry experience that intentionally represents your church on multiple levels.
  • Not to be drunk right away: Just like drinking coffee too quick, design must be implemented correctly, relevantly, and not too quickly. Design must be done in a precise and strategic process.
  • Appealing to emotions: Emotions have a direct influence on attitude. Because of this it is crucial that your designs appeal to positive and appropriate emotions. Coffee generally creates an atmosphere of emotion, encompassing taste, smell, feel, etc. Your design should accomplish the same thing.

  • Sometimes needed to be kept in a travel mug: Much like coffee, sometimes design must be taken in a travel mug. With the advancement of mobile networks and platforms, it is important that you understand the value of mobile solutions and that your designs are formatted for the digital world.

Now, obviously coffee and design are different in many ways, but hopefully these similarities will challenge your thoughts on design; or at least motivate you to grab another cup of jo!