Getting on "The Twitter"

So your church is officially on the Twitter (yes, I realize that “the Twitter” sounds a little old-school; it’s intentional). Your account is created, your profile picture is in place, and you have a nice little bio written out, but now what? How should your church utilize Twitter? Where should you begin? How do you incorporate your past/current strategies on a – relatively – newer platform?

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 10.47.49 AM.png
The New Church Development Commission offers these insights: 

  • Start slow: It’s okay to be the new guy/gal/church on Twitter
  • Search: Search for followers according to relevant themes
  • Style matters: Choose your words wisely
  • Be responsive: Form relationships
  • Manage your time: You’re in control
  • Twitter is for sharing, not preaching
  • Be authentic: Be yourself, be honest
  • Stay relevant
  • Listen
  • Do not let online communication place person-to-person quality time

Oh, and back to the phrase “the Twitter.” As communications technologies continue to advance and innovate, many platforms will seem overwhelming and sometimes even ridiculous. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner in a new communications world; you can bring past techniques, past theories, and past ideals to this new platform. With the right insights, perspectives, and a little bit of trust, "the Twitter" can and will be a great tool for your church.