"About Us" Page

This last year, our friends at Church Marketing Sucks wrote about tips and ideas for your website in a series titles Website 101. In an effort to compliment their already thorough evaluation, we are completing a series titled Website Chemistry, the Necessary Elements of a Website.


This is the final part of our five part series, titled "About Us" Page.

Thus far we’ve focused on Contact Info, Testimonials, User-Friendly Navigation, and Well-Chosen Images within your church's website. This final post will focus on the importance of your “about us” section.

A post from fiveforblogger.com breaks down 5 Reasons why the “About Page” is important. They include:

  • Show First Impression
  • Build Trust
  • Engage Readers
  • Set Establishment
  • Make Connections

The “about us” page is your chance to add the personal touch that members and non-members are looking for. Instead of being just a church, you become a person, a brand, and a mission. The “about us” page is your chance to connect with others on a subjective level; it’s your opportunity to become “real” and “genuine” to your audience. No longer are you just design, coding, and a www, you are now alive. The “about us” page is a chance to show your heartbeat.