Are you reaching nonbelievers?


Sharing the gospel – as you’ve most likely learned – is a difficult task. There is no specific formula for success; in fact, it’s different for every person, church and situation. With this in mind, it’s important that we - as ministries - understand the value in marketing intentionally, beautifully, and uniquely.

Your church must approach marketing with the mentality that this is your one opportunity to connect, your one opportunity to save. In your attempts to reach nonbelievers, you can’t afford to cut corners in design, strategy and implementation. Your attempts should be professional, timely and targeted. A simple concept that will benefit your church communications is this: Underpromise and overdeliver. Another way of looking at this is that your actions will ring louder than your words. As Kevin Hendricks reminds us, “there’s a difference between making a statement and making a connection." The marketing of your church must be premeditated and deliberate in order to best connect with nonbelievers. In church communication, when we prepare, God moves.