Are you active in the community?

It is important that you understand that the events your church puts on, no matter how small, have a deeper impact than the event itself. With this in mind, it is important that you are intentional with every aspect of communication tied to these happenings. No matter how you decide to communicate, design, or put on events, remember this: As Ty Buckingham says, “everything matters… The colors you use, the layers you put on each other, the graphics you use or don’t use, and the way you give it to us.


The events you put on will determine how your church is defined within your community. They are not only a wonderful way for you to connect with the local community, but also an opportunity for you to build your brand’s image and value. Remember, the ways in which you communicate hold just as much weight as the event in which you’re communicating. Just be genuine and intentional.

Jimmy Stewart offers 12 ways to Get Out of Your Church and Into Your Community. They include:

  • Buddy up with another congregation
  • Challenge your students
  • Throw a neighborhood dinner party
  • Move in
  • Make music
  • Pay attention to service providers
  • Frequent local businesses
  • Walk or bike for a cure
  • Play ball
  • Invest in seniors
  • Teach English
  • Get a dog