When was the last time you updated your website?

Updating your website can be anything from changing a picture to rewriting a paragraph. It doesn’t have to be an intense or a complete redesign; although it could be. It is more so a physical checkup to make sure that your content and design is current and relevant. Updating your website is an essential part of communicating effectively through the web. We recommend setting up a strategy for the frequency of these updates as well as defining who specifically is responsible for them.


In communications, specifically within the church, you must be “All In” in your strategies. Therefor, if you have a website, it should be done professionally and updated regularly. Professional writer and editor Kevin Hendricks had this to say about communicating on the web, “people are often coming to your site to answer questions they have, so make sure you’re answering common questions." It is essential that you provide the content and information your audience is looking for. If you are able to do this, not only are you providing current and relevant information, but you are also showing that you value your online audience; and your own online presence.

Your website is an opportunity to connect, inform, and promote your churches mission, vision, and ministries. Just be genuine, relevant, and consistent. Update when necessary.